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Real estate agents expect buyer competition, price acceleration, and demand on the Canadian housing market to be strong in 2020. Marketing tools for realtor success thus now need to be sharper, taking into account this year’s foreseen vibrant but challenging scenario.

To be effective and current, realtor marketing plans have to harness some of the latest digital media solutions available. The selection of digital marketing tools for realtor use has grown tremendously over the years, and these media solutions and their approaches have kept on improving markedly too. So, let’s get into the groove and check out some of the best spins to employ in the digital marketing tools for a realtor.

Mobile-friendly website

It is now a must that the website realtors create has to be mobile-friendly. This is so because homebuyers, as well as sellers, have become increasingly dependent on smartphones and tablets in exploring and availing of market opportunities.

A mobile-friendly website not only allows realtors to be easily accessible. Likewise hooked to mobile devices, they can also be more responsive and act quicker on the leads that their web presence generates. Moreover, optimizing websites for mobile browsing isn’t difficult to do at all. You can readily tap service providers like roomvu whose expertise is developing mobile-friendly websites and other realtor marketing tools.

Web Content that Boosts Traffic

Don’t just create a website that features your real estate listings. See to it that your website contains informative and educational content helping contribute to its traffic.

Zero in on some topics that would draw the interest of specific buyers, such as rental property investors. You can also consider including content on the home buying process, obtaining a home loan, or improvement tips for fixer-uppers on the market.

Dynamic Email Marketing Campaigns

Craft a content marketing strategy that enables you to capture the email addresses of prospective leads. You can organize events or create opportunities for this purpose.

One way to go is by taking e-mail addresses in exchange for the informative contents of your website or newsletter. You can also host real estate networking events wherein the email of the attendees could be collected.

Ensure that all your emails are relevant to your target audience and that these are shareable, further advancing the reach of your email campaign.

Responsive Social Media Account

Just like in setting up a website and its contents, create a social media account with regular posts extending beyond your market listings. Post-market studies, business developments, success stories, community events, and other items relevant to real estate

Harness the feedback features available in social media by responding to comments to your posts promptly. Take advantage too if the chat features in social media platforms for a responsive marketing strategy. A similar live chat feature is likewise worth considering for your website’s enhanced connectivity to visitors.

Professional Photography

Draw more attention to your website and social media accounts through impressive photographs. The effectiveness of realtor marketing tools largely depends on images that convey property values. For this reason, the image-based social media platform Instagram has grown as a medium for real estate marketing. Using visual springboards in digital real estate marketing notably gains more traction if you tap professional photography services.

360◦ Virtual Tours

Professional photographers can give more zip to your realtor marketing tools through 360 ◦ virtual tours now quite popular in presenting sales-listed homes. These are sophisticated presentations of photos combined through a stitching software. With these virtual tours, homebuyers can explore and appreciate the various features of the sales-listed property without actually visiting it.

Compelling Videos

Professional marketing tools for realtor use now increasingly veer toward videos, as real estate agents bid to make their listings stand out on an increasingly competitive market. Video usage among realtors is likewise growing because the videos you’d be posting online, with the right keywords, are bound to appear prominently in the results of searches in Google and other search engines.

Paid Social Media Ads

If you want a cost-effective tool in realtor marketing, include in your campaign paid social media advertising. This marketing tool works on a pay-per-click basis, meaning you pay only for each user access to your advertisement. This model also provides the advantage of zeroing in precisely your specific target market.

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