Real Estate Video Promotion: Using Social Media to Promote Videos

How to promote your real estate videos on social media to generate leads

Video Marketing in Real Estate

Research shows that listings with a video generate 4 times more leads than the standard listings with text and images and with good reason. Thanks to higher internet speeds, videos are easier to use, and more and more videos are available online. Some research suggests that by 2021, videos will take up 78% of all mobile data. This alone is enough to show the importance of videos in real estate marketing.

Videos Show More

Real estate is a highly visual market and its audience needs to see is more. Text descriptions are not enough, and the images fail to meet the audience’s expectations. Videos allow the audience to have a better understanding of how the property looks and make better decisions. This is especially true during the current global pandemic where many prefer to stay home and limit the number of times, they go out.

Videos Are Easier to Watch

Time is precious and technology has made people’s expectations higher. In this day and age where almost everything related to business can be done online, traditional methods and measures fail to attract people’s attention. Why would anyone spend time reading to guess how a property looks or what a real estate agent is capable of? Especially when they can watch and learn through videos on another agents’ page? The world is moving toward videos and if you do not move with it you will be left behind.

Other Methods Are Failing

If you take a look at what most real estate agents are doing, you will see a lot of repetition. Home valuations or blog posts that get no exposure have become the main avenue of lead generation for many. The problem is that they are used on a large scale that leaves everyone looking the same. But marketing is not about doing what others are doing. It is about offering something unique and new.

The Challenges of Real Estate Video Marketing

The fact that real estate marketing videos are not fully utilized by real estate agents has a few reasons. Here are some:

Videos are Expensive

You might read online that you do not need professional equipment to create real estate videos. The proponents of the idea suggest that your cellphone’s camera is all you need to shoot and create videos. Yes, you can shoot videos. But if you want to stand out you need to create professional videos that attract the audience’s attention. Poor videos will not only fail to create any value but will also harm your reputation. You want to stand out positively and this is not the way.

Videos Take Skill to Create

Waving your camera around and shooting videos is easy. But what makes the videos valuable, is the professional production and editing that renders them interesting and eye-catching. Therefore, you need remarkable videography and editing skills to make them fit the expectation of your audience. The aim is to look professional from the get-go.

How to Create Real Estate Video Ads

As mentioned above, videos grab attention and promotions increase your reach. The combination of these two becomes a deadly weapon in your arsenal that accelerates what you are hoping to achieve. Creating video promotions is a complex process. While we suggest you leave the creation of the video to the professionals there a few point to have in mind to share with the video producer:

Keep Your Audience in Mind

The first step in making real estate video promotions is to find out who will be watching them: Your niche and target audience.

  • The ideal property they are looking for
  • Audience Demographics
  • Purchasing power and budget
  • Favorite areas and neighborhoods
  • Main concerns
  • What they need the most from a real estate agent

When you have a clear understanding of your audience you will be able to create video promotions that fit their needs. There may be persona crossover in your audience and that’s fine. You may need to create a different kind of ad for each. The more targeted your promotions are the better outcome you will have.

Offer Value in the Beginning

Make sure the initial part of your ad is interesting and grabs the attention of your certain persona. Every persona needs its specific and unique drive to keep watching the video. They need to see the value you are offering for them in the ad immediately. Do not save it for the last part of your video. If you fail to make your point at the beginning of the video, you risk losing your audience.

Grab Attention

The more eye-catching your videos, the better. As you do not have a lot of time to convince the viewer to keep watching, your video ad should appear interesting for your persona. Use bold statements and beautiful images in your videos. Give convincing stats and ask questions of your audience. If you are introducing yourself, include some of your achievements.

Keep Videos Short

Ads are supposed to work in a short time, or they will be closed before they have conveyed the message. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep your video promotions short. Depending on the platform and purpose of the ad you may go with video promotions and ads lasting 15 seconds to 30 seconds. Remember they are ads. They are supposed to grab your audience’s attention and lead them to another landing page where you can fully brief them. You should not take too long to make a point.

Include Text Overlay

Videos are great at conveying messages and video promotions are the best avenue to do so. However as the videos tend to exceed the audience’s pace, it is a good idea to use text overlays on the video to make it easier for the viewer to grasp the ideas presented in the video ads. Furthermore, as many people will watch your promoted videos without sound, it is essential to show important data and messages using text on the video. If you fail to do so, you will lose those viewers who are watching the video without sound.

A/B Test Different Video Ads

Even the most comprehensive research will not give you the best results unless you put different versions of your videos to the test to see which works the best. By A/B testing different video you will have a better understanding of which real estate videos get more engagement and most CTRs. Once you have found the best combination of settings you can choose it as your standard for your real estate video promotions for every specific audience persona.

Real Estate Video Promotion Ideas

Real estate videos may carry different purposes from personal branding and increasing awareness to direct marketing and listing promotions. Here are a few ideas you can use videos for in real estate ads:

Listing Videos / Direct Marketing

Videos are one of the best ways to promote a property and get leads. However, remember that real estate is very local, and you need to keep the location of the property in mind. Think about the best aspects of the property and demonstrate them in the video ad. The ultimate goal of creating videos to show as much as it takes to leave the viewer willing to learn more. Focus on details, architectural features, and make the property stand-out.

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