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Do you ever feel like you could have better prepared your listing’s images? We know that superstar realtors like you have a lot on your mind. But in order to make the most of online marketing, agents often need real estate photography tips, or even better to hire professionals to do the job.

Seek Professional Help

It is hard to resist the temptation. After all, it seems easy, you have the right equipment, and anyone who knows how to aim and shoot can take great photos of listings, right?

The fact is, “knowing how to shoot” a relative concept. And professional photographers have training and experience which goes beyond taking photos at a family gathering.

Professional photography is not just about knowing where and how to hold the camera and tidying up the place. In fact, knowing the importance of light and how to capture an image at the right time is what separates the professional photographer from the novice. Professional photographers have done their homework and know exactly when to shoot. They can take multiple shots in different light settings and blend them to create the perfect image. An amateur set of skills in photography does not compare.

3D Virtual Tours

Modern times require modern measures. To keep up with the competition you need to ensure you are up to date technologically and are media savvy.

While still images tell a lot about a property and videos animate those images to provide a better perception of the property, 3D virtual tours go even further. They provide a way to let the audience pilot the camera and explore every nook and cranny in the house. And all that happens with a few clicks and taps from the comfort of their homes.

Different Shots in Different Seasons

Home buying is a complex process in which many factors come into play. One of the most important elements to spark a prospects’ interest in a property is the emotional drive that property images can create. In order to tell the story of a property ask your homeowner if they have photos showing the home in different seasons. Stir the hearts of your prospects and let them imagine their lives in the property through the span of different seasons.

Go for the Features

You do not have to showcase all of the house. Focus on the positive features and leave the rest. The purpose of photos is to get prospects in the house so that they can see the property on their own and then decide if they want it or not. You don’t want to discourage them right off the bat.

Aerial Shots

The interior look of the property is usually the main focus of real estate photography but it does not mean the exterior does not matter. Drones provide a great way to capture the external look of the property from a further distance and create stunning photos. Drones should be handled by licensed professionals.

DIY Real Estate Photography Tips

Despite the fact we recommend real estate agents go with professional help for real estate photography, some may still need to do it on their own. For this group of people, we have provided a list of photography tips to consider.

Use a Tripod

You will get a sharper image when you use a tripod especially while taking a photo in natural light. The tripod will keep the camera steady; this allows you to lower your shutter speed and make the most of the natural light, maximizing the quality of the image.

Front Exterior Photography Tips

The first impression means everything! To have a better real estate photography experience, ensure the exterior is as clean as possible, follow these steps:

  • Remember the importance of CURB APPEAL!
  • Close garage doors
  • Move any garbage/recycling bins in the garage
  • Move cars from the driveway
  • Ensure driveway is clean (remove oil stains if any)
  • Landscaping (plant flowers, rake leaves, trim bushes/shrubs, mow the lawn)
  • Clear any toys from the front lawn
  • Remove any hoses, electrical cables
  • Get rid of any pet droppings
  • Powerwash the house if dirty and/or driveway
  • Ensure doorbell is working
  • Check for bugs/pests (mice, rats, ants, bees, wasps, nests)
  • Clean gutters if clogged
  • Ensure front door is clean and welcoming (place welcome mat if you wish)

Kitchen Photography Tips

To take better real estate photography, remember the kitchen is the heart of the house, make it as welcoming as possible!

  • PLEASE REMOVE dirty dishes from the sink
  • Clear countertops of any food, baking supplies
  • Wipe countertops
  • Remove magnets, drawings, and PHOTOS from the fridge
  • Hide the garbage can under the sink
  • Remove sponges and rags from the sink
  • Clean all appliances
  • Clean all fixtures
  • Dust hanging lamps and window sill above the sink
  • Deodorize garbage disposal, dishwasher, and refrigerator
  • Vacuum/mop the floor

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Originally published at on September 8, 2020.



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