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What is Lead Generation for Real Estate?

  1. Unqualified Leads: People who are considering buying, selling or renting a property but are not definitive about it.
  2. Qualified Leads: people who are contemplating doing business in real estate in the near future and will do it.

Free Vs. Paid Leads

Lead Generation Process

Inbound Marketing:

Outbound Marketing:

Audience Research:

Content Creation:

Content Promotion:

CTA Lead Capturing:

Lead Nurturing:


Best Lead Generation Strategies

1. Website

2. Blogging:

Keep it steady

Add Value

Include CTAs

Landing Pages with Built-in Lead Capture

2. Social Media




  • 77% are 30 years old or more
  • Close to 50% make more than $75.000 a year
  • Almost half of the users on LinkedIn are college graduates
  • 90% are the main decision-maker at home


  • YouTube now has 2 billion monthly users , who watch 250 million hours of videos daily.
  • YouTube hosts over 30 million visitors every day.
  • Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day.

3. Referrals

4. Videos

  • Efficiency: You can show how big and spacious a property is better using video.
  • More Listings: Sellers prefer to work with agents who use videos on their marketing.
  • More Meetings: People have more tendency to open and click on video messages (in emails or social media) and videos get a response three times more than written marketing.
  • Time Saved: Realtors create the video once but can use it many times.

Types of Videos to Use in a Real Estate Lead Generation Strategy

5. Virtual Tours

6. SEO

7. Influencer Marketing



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