Real Estate Lead Generation Landing Pages with 9 Best Examples

Increase traffic and convert leads with custom real estate landing pages

As a REALTOR®, you might believe that having a website and a couple of accounts popular on social media is enough to capture the quality leads needed to successfully run your business. While it’s true that a website and social media presence are essential tools, you also need to think of having real estate lead generation landing pages.

Website or Landing Page?

In order to understand what lead capturing landing pages are you need to be able to distinguish landing pages from websites.


A website is your online presence in your own space where you create and present content and information. It is a combination of different pages with different topics that tell your story. As a realtor you probably have these pages on your website:

  • A homepage
  • Sellers page
  • Buyers page
  • Property search page
  • Contact page
  • About us page
  • A blog

Visitors to your website can browse and explore at their own pace. It is absolutely up to them what they do; and if they close the tabs on their browser and leave your website for good, that is a wasted chance.

According to the National Association of Realtors Annual Profile of Buyers & Sellers, as low as 4 percent of sellers found their agent through the agent’s website. This goes to show that your website’s chances are minuscule if it stands alone. You need to support your website with social media and landing pages. Your site is not just an online brochure. If visitors see anything other than a landing page you have gone the wrong way.

The first thing visitors to any website see is the homepage. The homepage is like a door to your shop inviting people to come in and browse. You want people to enter your site, browse different pages, get to know you and search for properties. So you need to make this door as shiny and interesting as possible. You want to show your value right at the front door. On your landing page.

Landing Page

A landing page, as opposed to a website, is designed with a specific purpose and subject, as a page integrated into your website or as a standalone page. While website pages are designed to provide information about real estate, you, and your services, the landing pages are designed for moving visitors in a specific direction in the sales funnel, and nurturing those leads until they are ready to buy or sell.

If you neglect this vital factor on your website, you might well end up one those 4 percent of realtors mentioned above. People will visit your website and leave as there is no specific call-to-action. You need to tell people exactly what to do. If your contact info is somewhere on your website, that is not enough. People don’t want to search out the next steps and find your contact info. It is likely they won’t make the effort.

The Purpose and Benefits of A Landing Page for Realtors

Many people think a landing page is a page where a CTA in an email or social media leads to. While that’s true, it doesn’t capture the whole picture.


A landing page acts as a standalone website. Like a special agent working for a company with the singular goal of getting visitors to take a specific action.

This specific action varies based on your marketing needs and strategy. They can be any of the following:

  • Call you
  • Sign up / join
  • Download something
  • Subscribe
  • Try for free
  • Learn More
  • Etc.

Landing pages encourage visitors to take different actions but they all serve a single purpose: Convert visitors to leads


They are important because they act as one your main channels and tools to generate leads. In fact, companies that use 40 or more landing pages, manage to generate 120% more leads than companies with less than 5 landing pages. The effect of landing pages on leads is too great to be denied or ignored.

If you are not convinced as to why you should have landing pages look at these stats:

  • When people decide to buy a home, they mostly start online. According to, 43% of all first home searches take place on the internet.
  • Based on The National Association of REALTORS®, 95 percent of people use the internet at some point to search for a home. For 44 percent the web is their first step.
  • 99% of millennials use the Internet as part of their home search process.
  • Most clients work with the first agent they meet. 68% of homebuyers only talked to one agent during their search, which implies the importance of the first contact with an online lead.
  • 93 percent of brokerages and 70% of agents own a website.
  • The average conversion rate for Google search ads in all industries equals 3.75%. however, in real estate that number drops to 2.47% of Google PPC traffic.

It is obvious real estate agents are having a hard time turning those contacts into clients. The solution to capture those leads and not let them loose after they click on a link to your website is a lead capturing landing page.

Pro Tip: multiple landing pages are even better. Don’t limit yourself to one.

You can’t use the same landing page for a variation of audience. The more specific your niche the better results you will get.

What is a Lead Generation Landing Page?

As mentioned previously a landing page is designed to direct the visitor in a specific route and convert them to leads by asking them to do various things like subscribing or signing up.

A lead generation landing page has the sole purpose of

collecting information which will enable you to connect and market to visitors in the future.

Without a landing page, you’re leaving a lot to chance. Potential leads can visit your website and leave without a trace. You don’t want to lose these contacts.

You have done a great job getting them to your website. It would be a waste of time and resources to let them go. Don’t wait for them to choose you. Market to them, and show them you are what they need.

An example of a lead capturing landing page is where a link in social media directs visitors to a page where they are offered a service for which the visitors need to fill out a form with their contact information. Such information can be used in realtors’ marketing.

Real Estate Converting Pages’ Examples

Real estate lead generation landing pages are used in many different ways. Let’s have a look at some real examples from real realtors.

Home Evaluation Landing Pages

In this type of lead generation landing page an offer is made for a valuation report on a property a seller wants to sell or a buyer wishes to buy. This is a free service in the sense that visitors don’t have to pay any money, but you are not giving it away. You are providing this valuation in return for the visitors’ contact information. Your leads. Contacts for people who fall inside your niche and have shown some interest.

The valuation of the property has two varieties. The instant and the delayed valuation. In the instant valuation the platform uses algorithms to compare the property to the existing data in terms of location, price etc. to estimate a rough number for the property in question. This method is not very accurate but has a greater conversion value.

In the second version, after submission of the client’s info and the property at hand, the agent does some research and then comes back with the information the visitor is asking for. This one produces more accurate results at the cost of a lower conversion rate.

In both versions, the email address and the phone number are asked for so that the results can be reported to the visitor. However, you will not be using the contact information for the sole purpose of reporting.

Roomvu makes branded home evaluation landing pages for you. Using this landing page, your clients can get an evaluation report on their property. Once they fill-up the form, you’ll be notified with their contact information. This roomvu feature is free.

LOGIN to your roomvu profile, and from the lead capturing section, click Preview Profile on the top and you’ll be able to see your profile from an end user’s perspective. Scrolling down, you’ll see a banner that reads: Wondering how much your home is worth?

Property Search

If someone visits your landing page to find properties it could mean they are not working with another agent to find a home or they have given up working with one and are looking for better help. This landing page provides home suggestions based on the criteria the visitors define. The cost is free again but not completely free. Visitors need to submit their contact info! More leads.

If you’re using roomvu profile, once you LOGIN to your profile, click Preview Profile and you’ll see the quick property search bar in the middle of the screen. the selected cities in your MLS search widget will be shown here. Any property search will appear with your branding on the top and the Contact button on the bottom right. Please note that the MLS Search form may not be available for some cities.

Free Content Landing Pages

In this kind of landing page, visitors can get free content like an eBook in the form of pdf files etc. that will educate them in the field of real estate. It can be tips and tricks of buying or selling property or similar topics. The only thing they need to do to get their hands on the content is their valuable contact information.

Buyers Leads

With a Buyers Leads landing page, realtors ask the visitors for their contact information so that the realtor can get back to them and probably arrange a meeting to help them further with their search for their dream home. This is particularly efficient as it invites desperate home buyers to get in contact and accelerates the process.

The Roomvu profile is designed to capture leads and convert them to clients for you. REGISTER for a free profile and make the most of branded lead capture landing pages.

Local Guide Landing Pages

The most qualified prospects have done a lot of research and have narrowed down the list of neighborhoods in which they would like to buy a home. With this landing page, you need to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in the neighborhood by providing images, videos and facts. Include a search bar so that the visitors can enter their specific keywords for the areas. You can later focus on these keywords to rank higher in Google search. You can also provide a field for their contact information to book a showing.

With roomvu profile, LOGIN to your account. From the Lead capturing forms, choose your desired Neighborhoods.

Once you enable this feature of your roomvu profile, your landing page viewer will see more information about the chosen neighborhood with your branding and contact information.

Property Listing and Real Estate News Landing Page

Property listings are the most important asset a realtor has in their arsenal. Special offers and coming soon properties provide interesting content. Furthermore, new on the real estate market can have the same value for prospects. A landing page designed for this purpose asks the visitors for their contact information to send newsletters and specialty property listings.

At roomvu, all your listings will have a dedicated landing page with your branding including a contact form. Your profile viewer will get to read the property description, general listing info, view property taxes, get a mortgage estimate with a mortgage calculator and browse nearby schools, shopping centers, restaurants. View an example of a listing landing page.

Real Estate News

Being on top of the local real estate news reveals your expertise. There are some landing pages you can use to increase engagement and show your market authority.

With a roomvu profile, you can select what news you want to share with your network. AI curated local news enables you to share local news with your clients and stand out as a knowledgable REALTOR.

LOGIN to your profile and click on the story you want to share. In the new tab, you’ll see the landing page with your branding. Feel free to get more engagement using your roomvu profile.

Real Estate Hot New Listings

Everyone loves great deals, especially in real estate. With this landing page, you are revealing your knowledge of the local new listings as well as giving the viewer a chance to get more information by entering their contact information.

Price drop listings, bargain homes and the most expensive properties on your profile brought to you by roomvu. These are Artificial Intelligence (AI) curated new listings in your city updated regularly to add value to your profile. Please note that Hot New Listings may nor be available in some cities.

Roomvu Profile

There are many real estate lead generation services on the market. Each has been created to provide value. Roomvu agent web profile is here to help you with all your real estate needs. Your roomvu profile has all the important features that a real estate agent needs to establish trust and gain popularity in the market.

Roomvu focuses on creating your easy-to-use realtor profile. Powered by a rich content production engine and several lead-capturing tools, your profile enables you to establish credibility, build trust and promote your brand.
REGISTER today and start converting your audience to leads.

Get Quality Leads by Taking Advantage of Lead Capture Landing Pages

Websites alone don’t offer much when it comes to lead generation. If you have done your homework in the SEO of your website you will get a lot of traffic, but if you don’t do anything with this traffic and hope for the best, that traffic is just traffic wasted.

Landing pages are designed specifically to direct visitors in your sales funnel and turn them into leads by getting their contact info. So if you have not created your landing pages, do it ASAP. The more landing pages you have the better as you need to narrow your niche down as much as possible to be able to design an exclusive landing page for that group maximizing your conversion rate.



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