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For new agents writing a real estate bio seems like a challenge. After all, what are you going to talk about when there is no past experience? Actually, there is a lot to talk about. It is a myth that your bio is only about your past experiences. A real estate bio consists of a lot of different sections, just one of which is about how long you have been in the business.

Why Have A Bio

These days, most people regardless of the generation they come from, have to use modern technologies, mainly the internet, to run their lives. Real estate, a pretty local market, and business is no exception. People who are contemplating buying or selling a house will first search online to find an agent who knows the area and seems trustworthy. How? Well, by visiting the agents on social media, brokerages’ websites, or agents’ own website. First things first, they need to have a general picture and understanding of the agent. This is where they will be looking for a real estate agent bio.

First Impression

As you are a new real estate agent, how you enter the industry, and what kind of first impression you make is pretty critical. Your bio is one of the first places you get to introduce yourself and build trust. Therefore, extra care must be taken while designing the bio. New agents do not enjoy the benefits of referrals and testimonials and have nothing in the past as experience to highlight. You need to focus on other things you can use in order to create an image of yourself.

Real Estate Bio for New Agents: Qualities

As mentioned above, your real estate bio is not just about your past experiences. For your audience to trust you they need to make sure:

You Are Familiar with The Area

In does not matter if you are buying or selling. Real estate is a pretty local business. You need to have a decent knowledge of your farming area. Emphasizing your familiarity with the neighborhood’s local amenities and facilities, schools, etc. will help assure clients you are the realtor they need.

Are Motivated Enough to Put in What Takes to Bring Them The Best Deal?

The best realtor in the world is the worst option if they are not motivated to create the best experience for the clients. You might be new to the business and lack experience, but that does not stop you from trying hard for your clients and making an effort to make them happy. Your clients need to see that you want the job. That you want to help them and cannot wait to get started.

Have the Necessary Knowledge

A real estate agent does not have to be experienced to be trusted, but they need to be knowledgeable. You need to have your knowledge up-to-date and show that you are familiar with the concepts of marketing and business. That shows that you know what you are doing and if given the opportunity, with the motivation you have in your arsenal, can make the clients happy.

Real Estate Bio for New Agents: Parts

Your bio consists of many different parts that elaborate on your qualifications:

Your Farming Area

As an agent, you cannot target everybody. Apart from the fact that it is impossible for a new agent to cover large areas and many places at the same time, it is wrong. Spreading yourself too thin will weaken your familiarity with your farming area. Therefore, in your bio, you should talk about the area that you are familiar with and provide your services in. Make sure your audience understands you know the area inside out.

Your Target Audience or Niche

Like the point above, you cannot target everybody. There should be a certain group of people who share a very specific need you specialize in. Let us say your niche is single moms living in a certain neighborhood. You could be the expert and the go-to real estate agent for this specific group of people. Make sure you let your audience knows who you professionally serve.

Your Background in Education

Your education also will help your audience get to know you. It gives them some ideas who they are dealing with. Although not directly connected, a solid educational background can work towards building trust and assuring your clients that you can be trusted.

Your Value Proposition — What Makes You Different from Other Agents

In our personal point of view, this is the most important part of a bio, not only for new real estate agents but for all agents, even those with years of experience. In the competitive real estate market, there are simply too many agents who try to get their share of the market, and to do so they are all marketing their services, they all try to tell their audience they are the best option for their needs.

Any Achievements and Accomplishments

In order to impress your audience, you need to think of any achievements and accomplishments you have had in life and business. They do not necessarily have to be related to real estate but make sure they are remarkable enough to be worth the spot they get in your bio. Achievements tell your audience that are determined to reach your goals and will probably do the same if you work with them.

Your Hobbies and Interests

Your bio should give your audience a glimpse of who you are as a person. With that in mind, it won’t hurt to share what you are into personally and talk a little about your hobbies and interests. This will help your audience try and imagine what kind of person you are and what it would be like working with you.


Do not worry about being new or having no experience. Everybody has to start someday. So do not let lack of experience get you down. Instead, focus on what you have. A real estate agent needs to have a wide array of traits that can be focused on and highlighted.

In order to get into a working mindset, you first should forget about the fact that you are new and do not have a brilliant history in the industry to brag about yet. Your bio is not a resume. It is something you write so that your audience can decide if you CAN do what they need. Your history and experiences are just a part of that.

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Originally published at on September 9, 2020.




The Future of Real Estate Marketing

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The Future of Real Estate Marketing

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