How to Reauthorize Your Facebook Permissions for roomvu Dashboard

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A step-by-step guide to reauthorize Facebook permissions for your roomvu dashboard and start posting great content again.

Every now and then you might encounter issues with your Facebook page on the roomvu dashboard that stop you from posting content to Facebook. In this case, you might need to reauthorize Facebook access and permissions for your roomvu dashboard. This procedure is quite simple and can be done in no time through the steps explained in this article.

Why Do I need to Re-authorize Permissions?

If you are experiencing any of the following issues you might need to reauthorize your roomvu permissions for Facebook:

  • Roomvu dashboard isn’t displaying your Facebook Page when trying to connect a Profile.
  • Roomvu dashboard isn’t displaying your Instagram Profile when trying to connect a Profile.
  • Your Facebook posts are not being published.
  • Your Facebook Page keeps getting disconnected.

Possible Causes

  • You might have accidentally removed permission that roomvu requires.
  • If you have recently added a new page to your Facebook profile, you need to reauthorize your account so that the new page includes the same roomvu permissions.
  • Sometimes permission tokens are invalidated by Facebook for security reasons. In this case to you need to reconnect roomvu to get a one.

How to Reauthorize Your Facebook Permissions

Go to Facebook and navigate to “Security & Privacy“.

Click on “Settings” and then on “Business Integrations“.

Find roomvu and then use the checkbox to select it and then click on the “Remove” button.

Next, Facebook will ask you to confirm. There will an option that asks you if you want to remove all the images, videos, etc. that roomvu has posted on your behalf. Be careful here and make sure this option is unchecked or Facebook will delete all your previously published videos. Click “Remove”

There will be another pop-up telling you that roomvu has been removed. Click “Done“

Now you need to connect your roomvu dashboard to your Facebook account.

Head back to your dashboard. Click on the “Content Calendar” tab on the left then click on the settings icon in the far right.

Find Facebook and click on “Connect“.

Next, click on “Connect Facebook.”

A pop-up window from Facebook saying that roomvu will have access to your name, profile photo, and email address will appear. Click on “Continue“

If you have not already signed in to Facebook on your browser, you might need to enter your Facebook account’s username and password.

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