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The first thing most new real estate agents realize is that getting seller leads is much harder than getting buyer leads. It requires a lot of work. The next thing is one cannot become a successful agent by relying only on buyer leads. Many agents struggle with seller leads. As a result, we have gathered a list of ideas on how to get seller leads for real estate.

There are many agents in the market and not as many sellers. At the beginning of your career as a real estate agent, you might get rejected over and over for seller leads but do not lose hope. You need to get your foot in the door. Once you have sold a few homes, you can get the sellers’ trust more easily. Even for more experienced agents getting seller leads is a challenge. The quality of the leads also matters, and it turns out that quality seller leads are even harder to get.

12 Ways to Get Real Estate Seller Leads:

It comes down to the creativity of real estate agents but there are some tested and proven ideas that might help real estate agents with their efforts on getting seller leads. Here are some:

1. Home Valuation Landing Pages

Home valuation landing pages are some of the most tried and true methods of getting real estate seller leads, to the extent that the market is full to the brim with them. They are not a bad idea, but we do not recommend putting all your focus on home valuation landing pages. However, having them around on your website will give you contacts that might turn into quality leads.

There are two versions of real estate home valuation landing pages:

Automated Home Valuation

This version uses algorithms that are based on market data which provide a rough estimate for what the home can sell for. This method is not very accurate, but it is very fast as it is done automatically. However, you might not impress your lead with the rough estimates provided.

Agent Home Valuation

In the next version, once the visitors submit their contact info and the location of their home, real estate agents figure out the price based on the market status and their own knowledge and familiarity with the neighborhood. This method provides more accurate results and will make visitors happier. But it is more work as there is no automation and the agent needs to reply to the visitor.

2. Let the Polls Run

This one is a smart way of getting seller leads and it requires agents to do almost nothing. Here is the idea: ask your audience on social media using polls (on Instagram, Facebook, etc.) if they are planning to sell their home this year. To increase the chances of your audience replying to the question provide YES and NO options. It is expected that you will get more NOs than YESs but that is okay. You might get a few YESs. They are your potential clients. DM them and get them talking. Do not be pushy. Just let them know that you are there if they need any information or help regarding selling their home. Do not make a direct offer to sell their home. Let them lead the conversation and when they are ready, they will approach you themselves.

After a while, you can follow up with those who replied YES. Send them some informational and valuable content regarding selling homes. Keep yourself on top of their mind but do not forget that you are not trying to get them to sell their home. You are trying to introduce yourself as someone who knows what they are doing and is always around to help.

3. Go Live

Here is another cool idea. You need to get your audience thinking about selling their homes. Therefore, on your live broadcast go to an interesting spot in your farming neighborhood and talk about a few properties that were sold recently. Talk about the prices and how they were sold. Compare the properties with the option home sellers now have in the neighborhood to buy. Point out a few key tips to bear in mind while selling homes. Show them that you are the one who knows how and when to sell a home. You might get some questions. Answer the questions and provide valuable information but again do not appear too pushy. Do not offer anyone to sell their home unless they ask you.

4. Blend In

As a real estate agent, you need to let people know that you are an agent, and you are there. It is a good idea to spend some time every day in the neighborhood and converse with different businesses and people. Introduce yourself and tell them what you do. If the opportunity presents itself and you are asked to, provide valuable information like a market report to the people who are interested. If anyone has questions regarding real estate business, offer help and let them you are there for them if they need further help.

5. Expired Listings

Another way to find real estate seller leads is to find expired listings. However, you need to be careful here. Odds are the home sellers are not really happy with their current agent or even worse they might have been burned by one. Do not make an offer to sell their home. Instead, provide insights on why you think the home did not sell and then let them know how you would have handled the process differently. Tell them to ask you for help if they need some and if they do arrange an appointment.

6. Share the Power

In order to show your audience that you are in fact capable of selling homes, it is a good idea to post photos of the houses you have sold recently. Be careful not to use very old listings as they might suggest that you have not sold any homes recently. You can talk about the challenges you faced selling the property and how you handled them. Talk about how long it took to sell the home. Again, if the home took longer to sell it is better to think of another listing.

7. Share the Story

You can turn the idea above into a more detailed story and talk about the problems your home seller had. How they approached you and how you managed to handle their specific problem. In the end, talk about how they felt afterward. Tell your audience how “your specific way of doing things” helped you solve your client’s problem and how it will help others just as well.

Real Estate Seller Leads: Takeaway

The real estate market is a very competitive one where getting buyer leads seems like a big challenge, let alone finding real estate seller leads which are harder in nature. There are many creative ideas you can try to get yourself some leads but remember that all these methods will take time and require patience and perseverance. They will not do magic overnight. You need to build your network slowly and make a name for yourself. You will get referrals at your own pace. It all goes down to how much you put in.

However, to make things go faster, there are other ways where you need to make a little investment in professional help. Marketing is an art and is definitely hard to master. Roomvu has been helping many agents over the years to expand their network and their business. We offer a dynamic system to help agents reach out to their clients, keep them up-to-date, and stay on top of their minds with content that matters and makes a difference. Content that is unique.

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