How to Generate Real Estate Leads from Facebook | Ultimate Guide

Get high quality buyer and seller leads on Facebook with organic and targeted Ads

Like it or not, social media is an important part of generating leads in business. The real estate leads Facebook can offer are special due to the place and role the platform has within social media. Currently, Facebook leads in entertaining, connecting, and helping people do business. It’s 2.7 billion monthly active users make up 74.17% of all social media users.

This does not mean realtors should use Facebook as a venue to find people who are looking to buy a house. The traditional sales pitch is largely ineffective on social media platforms.

People log on to Facebook to be entertained and see what’s happening with their friends, not to be sold to. Do not treat your friends on Facebook as though they were purchased from a leads harvester. They chose you as their friend. Be one.

Organic Lead Generation

Content marketing and social media marketing are not unknown. No longer a blue ocean strategy, the majority of marketers are comfortable with a variety of platforms. Realtors have plenty of savvy competition generating leads through the production of valuable information. The competition is tough. Therefore, many realtors are turning to paid measures to get ahead of their rivals.

Although paid marketing campaigns work, we do not recommend relying on them alone. One still needs to have a solid base of content and social media marketing through organic leads. Once there, they can boost their campaigns with paid marketing.

For those still beginning to learn the ropes of social media in real estate and Facebook, we have gathered a list of ideas to employ for organic real estate lead generation. This is a starting point. With a little bit of inspiration and creativity realtors can come up with their own ideas and sift out all the real estate leads Facebook has to offer.

Focus on Inbound Marketing, Not Solely on Engagement

People love getting likes and comments on social media and that makes sense. This increases engagement. But a lot of agents who fail at using Facebook successfully for their business focus too much on getting likes. Stop going solely for likes and engagement. Go for relevance. A click through to your website is worth a lot more than a few likes or comments. Focus on creating value. Whatever you do, remember that:

Your number 1 goal on Facebook is to get people into your emailing list.

Share Valuable Content

Your job on Facebook involves helping your audience. It is tempting to promote your services and listings but as a general rule of thumb for every 10 posts you share on social media, 8 should share content which benefits your audience.

Value is Audience Focused

Content and social media marketing require realtors to market through content that appeals to their audience. It should be beneficial and entertaining.

You might wonder what is in it for you? Well, you will be helping your audience while simultaneously proving yourself as an expert in real estate. When you create value, you increase the likelihood of your audience rewarding you with their business later.

Join Facebook Groups

Facebook groups provide users with a way to connect to, interact with and contribute to others who share the same interests. Members of Facebook groups share content related to the topic of the group and try to help one another.

By joining Facebook groups, you will be finding people with the same needs and interests. You can grow and cultivate your social network.

Using Groups to Your Advantage

Groups are not designed for realtors to find real estate leads on Facebook, People with common interests may be from the same neighborhood, city, etc. But this does not mean that they want to be sold to.

In fact, unless the name of the group clearly states so, members are not there to be sold to. Instead, most are there to find information. Your job is to join groups where your target audience is and then contribute. To be courteous and helpful.

Share valuable information. This should be information they would search for online and not “information” that leads to a sales pitch.

If members of the group have questions, go ahead, introduce yourself, and help them. Prove you are the expert who can be trusted with the great answers you provide. You can offer further help if they are interested by telling them to feel free to contact you should they need further assistance.

By contributing to Facebook groups in such a constructive and supportive manner, you present yourself as a reliable and helpful agent who can be trusted to produce the same level of help in business.

Hunt Real Estate Leads on Facebook by Keywords

Sometimes narrowing your focus is as easy as finding the right keyword search, has suggested a cool trick to find real estate leads on Facebook.

People these days tend to share their life on social media. This certainly includes buying or selling a house. And as Facebook tends to include a wider variety of friends and family in terms of demographics this is even more true on this platform.

This fact can be used by realtors if they know how to find these posts among the 350 million posts that are shared every day.

Using Keywords To Your Benefit:

All you need to do is search for: [Your farming area] + [Keywords indicative of the fact that the users is likely to move].

Possible Keywords:

  • House hunting
  • Buying a house
  • House buying
  • New house
  • Moving

Then set the search results for “POST”

Alternatively, you can just search for the keyword and narrow down the location by the “Tagged Location” search options.

You might be tempted to use keywords like “open house” and “selling a house” as you think they would be used by users searching for open houses or selling their home. But in order to make this trick work best, you need to use keywords exclusive to the home buyer and make sure other users like agents are not using them.

It is not far-fetched to think that an agent would share a post on Facebook with the keyword “open house” in the description. Your search phrase will look like this: “West Vancouver buying a house”

This will take a little bit of time and patience as you will come across agents and realtors promoting their business, but if you use the right keywords you will be able to find some real estate leads on Facebook eventually.

With practice, you will also get better at this as you find more exclusive keywords people looking to buy a house are using.

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