How Can The Real Estate Industry Use LinkedIn for Sales?

Facebook and Instagram are widely used for promotional purposes due to their large user base. However, these platforms are primarily designed for people to unwind and connect with friends and family. LinkedIn on the other hand has been designed for professionals and for professional purposes. LinkedIn should not be overlooked by realtors when choosing social media platforms.

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Since it is used to find jobs and connect professionally, having a strong presence on the platform makes sense. People on LinkedIn are in business mode so even if they found you on their Instagram or Facebook feed they will likely check you out on LinkedIn before initiating contact.

Optimizing LinkedIn Profile for REALTORS®

Given the fact your potential clients or curious visitors will be using your LinkedIn profile to learn more about you, it is vital to have your profile updated and fully optimized. Everything from your profile photo to your achievements, education, experiences, and expertise should be carefully written. Remember:

  • Your Profile is not Your Resume: Do not stress the past. Focus on how you can help a client in the future.
  • Keep the Experiences section short and concise.
  • Add some personality. Develop your own style and voice.
  • Highlight your achievements and accomplishments.

Real Estate LinkedIn Post Ideas

Setting up a professional profile is not enough. In order to be noted by others on the platform you need to have a pretty active presence on LinkedIn and contribute.

Share valuable and compelling information and content and you can rest assured others will reshare and you will be seen.

By contributing content you introduce yourself as an expert in the field and build trust and name recognition with prospects looking for an agent in their area. Here are some ideas for LinkedIn posts:

  • Listings and Open Houses
  • Vlog Promotion
  • Market Updates
  • Virtual Open Houses
  • Neighborhood Information
  • Home Buying/Selling Tips
  • Infographics

LinkedIn Groups

Many users on LinkedIn are not even aware of Groups feature. While it may look like an improved version of Facebook’s Pages or general forums the value can be much greater. Why? Because the members usually have a lot in common, making them a very targeted and specific audience.

As a realtor you need to search for related groups in your farming area. Then request to join the groups. Remember the groups are not a pool of clients to offer your services to or attempt direct sales. You should join these groups to contribute to the knowledge of members. Share helpful and valuable content tailored to the needs of members. If a member has a question, offer answers and try to help them. If they need further help they might ask you for it.

The Takeaway

LinkedIn is often underutilized but as it is a professional platform it should not be ignored. Be sure to update your profile and participate in meaningful ways. While other social media options may garner more attention LinkedIn offers credibility and nurtures valuable connections.

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