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If you are here because you are a real estate agent; you have likely been testing different platforms to help you generate leads. One platform that has been helping agents is AvenuHQ. AvenueHQ grew out of a need in the real estate industry for resources that take on the marketing of real estate professionals. Many real estate professionals have been using AvenueHQ. In this article, we are going to compare AvenueHQ to the alternative of roomvu.

AvenueHQ offers many marketing services such as real estate agent websites, Avenue Accounts (which allows agents to control and monitor their prospects), clients and website traffic. Additionally, it offers Google and social media advertising, newsletters, etc.

But most of these awesome services come with a price. Also, there is no product without any drawbacks. Even the most sophisticated platforms still have their flaws: gaps in services that are noticed by other platforms and offering alternatives. Therefore, we are here to introduce less expensive comparable options.

What is AvenueHQ?

AvenueHQ is a real estate marketing platform where a team of marketers, engineers, and designers try to help agents market themselves online. The goal is to help agents stand out by building beautiful, lead-generating websites, social media promotion, and managing targeted online advertising.

What is roomvu

The real estate industry is filled with landing pages and eye-catching websites sending the same message over and over to the same audience. No one is unique and there is nothing unique to offer. Numerous landing pages are filling up the real estate market online and there is literally nothing valuable on them.

To roll back the situation and regain the audience’s trust and appear as the local market leader, agents need valuable, compelling and scalable content. roomvu is the Content Factory which provides the agents with such content which automates:

  • Content production
  • Publishing
  • Advertising
  • Customer acquisition

Also, roomvu’s smart Content Factory:

  • Picks the right topics
  • Creates realtor-branded social media videos
  • Enriches them with latest market data
  • Targets realtors’ audience based on their sales history
  • And captures leads

AvenueHQ vs roomvu Feature Comparison

In this section we will have a brief overview of the services roomvu and AvenueHQ offer:

Real Estate Website:

A professionally designed custom-built website:

  • Mobile Optimized
  • Featured & Sold Listings
  • Integrated Lead Capture: Integrated into the website featuring passive or forced lead capture and targeted landing pages.
  • Walkscore Integration
  • Buyers & Sellers Guides
  • Mortgage Calculator
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Embedded Newsletter Sign Up
  • Blog
  • Integrated IDX and Saved Search
  • A full suite of lead

roomvu Agent Profile

roomvu’s Agent Profile is a comprehensive platform featuring all the necessary features a real estate website should have including but not limited to:

  • Specializations
  • Testimonials
  • Branded MLS Search
  • Home Valuations
  • Listings


In AvenueHQ digital marketing experts serve intelligently crafted advertising to agents target audience on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads.

  • Listing Ads: Geo-targeted ads for listings
  • Seller Ads: Finding potential local sellers by Home Evaluation
  • Buyers Ads: Finding interested buyers and showing them matching listings based on their interest.

roomvu Social Media Automation

Position yourself as a real estate expert with relevant posts

Stop worrying about what & when to share. Get it done with automated, targeted social media posts! Just brand & customize to your liking and we’ll do the work.

Connect your social media accounts

Automation is only the beginning. Connect & capture more leads with automated video and landing pages.

Get leads online

Our targeted approach & insightful content connects you to your network intelligently & authentically

Promote with tailored advertising

Get even more leads with a tailored ad campaign targeting your audience!

Get Started For Free

roomvu Content Calendar

roomvu on the other hand offers what matters most these days to the real estate agents. Valuable and insightful content. roomvu’s Content Factory uses AI to pick the best type of content for each real estate agent. Its content calendar allows the agents to go after their own business without worrying about content production and promotion.

Avenue App

A lightweight app to manage leads. New leads are emailed showing their origin.

roomvu Content Factory

roomvu uses its extensive video content library to generate leads. Few real estate marketing companies offer videos and those who do have nothing special to share in their videos. A 15-second video including a few image slides will not offer much to the audience.

But the videos in roomvu are meant to be valuable. They are created based on factual data and by the power of AI are tailored to the needs of each agent.

All agents need to do is just pick from countless insightful videos available for them based on AI.

roomvu Email Marketing

As another one of novel ideas to nurture your leads, roomvu offers its email marekting platform where agents can:

  • Upload their contact lists
  • Use email text templates
  • Customize the emails
  • Choose and the video content they want to the email

That’s is. Hassle free emailing without worrying about how to send it. Furthermore, your emails are much more valuable now as they include tailored videos that appeal to your audience.

AvenueHQ Pricing

AvenueHQ offers its services in 3 packages starting from $179 monthly plus a $399 setup fee. That means you need to spend $578 right off the bat. Furthermore, there are some additional fees for the ad budget. Plus, you pay additional costs above 2000 eNewsletter subscribers.

Here is the breakdown of AvenueHQ services you will get in each package:

roomvu Pricing

As an alternative to AvenueHQ, roomvu offers 4 packages of free, basic, premium, and platinum, (the latter will be available soon). Even the free version still offers valuable services to real estate agents.

In the more advanced packages, real estate agents can enjoy features like submarket and neighborhood videos, video customization, email marketing, and (coming soon!) social media automation which be available for all users for a limited time!

This is a summary of the full article published on roomvu academy blog. To read the full article follow the link below

Originally published at on September 16, 2020.




The Future of Real Estate Marketing

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The Future of Real Estate Marketing

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