8 Real Estate Marketing Trends to Expect in 2021

What real estate market is expected to see in 2021 and how agents can get a head start

2020 is almost over and agents are looking towards the new year. Many are wondering what lies ahead in 2021. There is no doubt 2020 was a year full of surprises for people and businesses. It has made many businesses rethink their marketing strategies and change their routines. But there is a bright side to everything. Those who come out on top can find opportunities in troublesome times.

Those agile enough can adapt to new situations will benefit from their agility and adaptability. In this article, we will go through the trends that have developed in 2020 and are expected to go on in 2021. Learning about such trends will keep real estate agents ready for the new year and will give them an edge over their competition. Here are the expected real estate trends for 2021.

1. All Digital

The pandemic made many businesses adopt new methods. Many of these are here to stay. Due to restrictions and lockdowns imposed on many cities, people stayed home more. Many aspects of life, work and otherwise, went online. Even when the pandemic is controlled and life returns to normal, the benefits of digital work and options for interaction online have been tested and proven. It is expected many of these trends are here to stay.

Real estate works well in the digital world. Home buyers are allowed to browse the market and do their research with the least effort possible. It is expected more people will start to use such digital technologies in real estate marketing. Real estate agents must also adapt or risk losing their customers and ultimately their business.

People are now working from home more and therefore many are downsizing and moving to suburbs since they do not need to be close their work. We still miss socializing and meeting people in and out of our business life but doing things over the internet is much easier which allows people to do what they need in the comfort of their homes.

2. Virtual Tours

Since 2020 was struck by the Covid-19 pandemic, leaving home was harder and in some cases not possible. Even in places where lockdowns were not mandatory many people feared getting sick and limited their time outside. This caused many businesses to face serious challenges. In real estate, open houses and visiting properties were affected. Virtual tours have been around in real estate for a while, but the global pandemic made them more popular.

People could stay home and visit homes virtually. This has proven to be so valuable that more and more agents are starting to include them in their marketing efforts. Even after the pandemic this trend seems here to stay. To level up your game and get and edge over the competition, virtual tours go a long way. Order yours today!

3. Drone Photos and Videos

Apart from the value drone photography and videos offer, they are quite eye-catching. They help interested homebuyers view the property thoroughly and get a bigger picture of the home. This has made them popular among home buyers. It has also has made agents who use them more popular among home sellers. What’s special about drone shots is that unlike other forms of real estate photography they do not just focus on the property itself. They allow interested home buyers to view the areas surrounding the property and have a glimpse of the neighborhood as well.

Drone shots used to be quite expensive. But these days, many companies offer them as an add-on to their photography service which can be ordered for a reasonable price. 2021 will be the year of new technologies and drone shots will definitely continue to be a favorite asset agents can use and home buyers love.

4. Less Outbound Marketing

Consumers are bombarded with a huge load of direct marketing messages ads. As a result, they are becoming less effective. More inbound methods and measures are needed to attract customers. The game of improving personal brands is what matters in the years to come.

Millennials are now the biggest group of home buyers and this is not a group that trusts marketing messages. They would rather do their own research and choose their own products and services. They base their decisions more on reviews and other information they can find on the internet. This makes community building even more important. Getting your name out there as an expert in the field who offers valuable information and can be trusted. Staying on top of your niche market’s mind is what you need to do in 2021.

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