5 Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Boost Sales

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2 min readFeb 11, 2021


Are you looking for interesting ways to boost your sales and to stand out from the competition? We provide tips that can help you overcome networking roadblocks and sales droughts. The following five real estate marketing ideas will help you close lucrative sales or deals and ensure your eventual success in the industry.

  1. Reach out to previous contacts

Keeping in touch with past and present real estate agents in Vancouver and other important stakeholders will help you build viable relationships in the industry. Ask the contacts out for lunch and sustain your relationship with them. The contacts may act as important referrals and connect you to various business deals. Such engagements will enable you to create and maintain a comprehensive referral system that will connect you to future home buyers or potential property owners.

2. Host a networking event

For instance, a free dinner party or seminar for potential homebuyers will increase your visibility in the industry. During such networking events, share real estate videos and photos, suggest virtual tours of properties, and inform the audience about home or condominiums for sale within Vancouver. The attendees should walk away from such events impressed, ready, and willing to establish a working relationship with your real estate business. Moreover, the attendees will act as referrals and help in attracting more potential property buyers.

3. Use direct mail to send a thoughtful note to clients

Ensure constant communication with your contacts. Use a direct email-marketing platform to create a unique relationship with the clients. Thoughtful notes to the clients will enable you to create local outreaches and relevant updates. Use the emails as the best billboards for your real estate business. The emails will keep your clients engaged through the sharing of relevant real estate news in Vancouver and Toronto.

4. Get feedback from customers through surveys

Create a platform that can support testimonials or feedbacks from past clients. Feedback indicates visibility in the industry and a higher level of trust and satisfaction. In particular, the positive feedback will act as a form of endorsement to your real estate business among the potential consumers. Therefore, ensure a great experience for your clients to generate such positive feedback. Use the testimonials in your strategic website and social networking platforms to attract more potential clients.

5. Email past and current clients about the latest updates

Use a customized realtor website for marketing your real estate services. Through your real estate website, keep the clients informed with various real estate industry trends. Additionally, the websites should include different relevant news on MLS listing, condominiums, and homes for sale within the city of Vancouver.

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