49 Real Estate Video Ideas for Lead Generation in 2020

Build Authenticity and Establish Trust by Sharing your Expertise with Real Estate Videos

Realtors are making videos, lots of videos, so many videos that sometimes they run out of ideas. Why are they making so many? These days, if you are a realtor, having video content is a must. It is a different world, and current trends coupled with events like the Covid-19 pandemic do not allow us to live the way we did before. Having a long list of real estate video ideas you can refer back to when creating content is a great advantage.

Time is money. Modern life requires us to take every single chance to save time and cut down on spending. No need to go to the local market to buy groceries when you could shop online. In real estate, when you have the chance to browse homes online why bother wasting time with an in-person showing? You can keep the actual visit for your short-list.

There is practically no end to the list of real estate video ideas. Creative minds create worthwhile content and here we have collected a comprehensive list of real estate video ideas you can adapt to create videos and prosper in the digital world.

Why Use Videos?

Apart from that, nowadays almost all the realtors are using videos and if you are not, you will be left behind. Using videos is a must, but now you need to level up your game and stand out by expanding your real estate video ideas.

What Videos To Make

All that being said, here’s a list of real estate video marketing ideas to generate leads in 2020:

1. Market Update

Make sure the videos you make provide accurate facts presented in a professional and visually clean way. Grabbing a pen and writing on a whiteboard might have been something a while ago, but we live in the age of technology, and those old-school methods might not leave the best of impression.

Roomvu is ready to do the job for you by providing you with branded market update videos that can be shared easily.

2. Neighborhoods Video

We at Roomvu provide realtors with detailed videos presenting different neighborhoods. These videos provide valuable and include information on topics like location, amenities, schools and other features home buyers might be interested in. realtors can have their own branded neighborhood video guide which is easily shareable to their audience.

Bringing something new to the table is always a game-changer in business, providing your audience with neighborhood videos will set you apart. This is a promising investment. Look like the pro you are!

Roomvu: Sign up and share branded neighborhood videos with a click of a button.

3. Home Renovation

4. Best Time To Sell

5. Home Maintenance

6. Home Buying Process

The more on-screen information, the better. Such videos tend to be overloaded with too much information and it might be hard for the audience to keep up. Try to show the main points as text on video as you are talking. The purpose of the video here is to educate your audience. Watch this video from Graham Stephan:

Also, it is a good idea to keep a friendly tone on the videos to show your audience you care for them and their problems. The more you work at creating a personal relationship, the more your audience will trust you. Go ahead and win them over. Watch this video from Two Cents:

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